We could tell you about the hundreds of cats, dogs & owners we have helped and guided over the last 20 years. We could even mention all the animals we have saved, adopted and rehomed while working closely with Crawfords Danes & Crawfords Rest and Retreat. We could even go as far as to mention all the homeless people we have helped. But our focus is NOT on the past. We are only concerned with the future and all the many homeless Cats, Dogs & People around the world that need our help now, and in the future. This is why we do not share all our successes and achievements, but just a few along with our aspirations, goals and a few moments that touched our hearts. We do hope you will decide to join us this adventure to change the world, and why not donate today. Remember we accept all forms of donations and we are more than happy to help you facilitate your donation, feel free to reach out to us though any of our contact methods, mediums,websites or social pages. Here’s to wishing us all a better tomorrow and stronger future for generations to come.